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This page presents an interactive comparison of the most popular gainer shake powders. You can see which powder contains the most protein per dollar, the most protein per calories, the most calories per price, the least amount of carbs per serving, etc.

The most useful way to look at things is using the 'ratio' view. This looks at how much of one value there is compared to another value and is usually the best way to see which gainer powder has the most of Y in terms of X. If you want the supplement that has the most protein per calories, select the 'ratio' graph type, then for the Y Axis select 'protein' and for the X Axis select 'calories'. The supplement on the far right is the one that has the most protein to calories.
Note that if you are looking at the 'per serving' graph, different protein powders use different serving sizes. We find that the 'per container' view is more insightful than the 'per serving' view.

Protein, fat and carb amounts are in grams.

Currently the gainer shake powders compared on this page are the most popular brands on If you click on a supplement it opens an Amazon page (affiliate link) in a new tab. The amazon page has more information, nutrition labels, and customer reviews of each brand. We chose these brands simply due to their popularity. If there are brands that you know are popular that should be included in this gainer shake powder comparison, please send us an email. Even better, if you have a source which shows the popularity of different gainer brands, let us know. We want this tool to be a useful comparison for the best gainer powders and are happy to list items that are not sold on Amazon.

Let us know if you have any other suggestions.