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Healthy Anti-Cancer Smoothie Recipe

This smoothie recipe has all kinds of colors in it. There is an idea that one should eat a diet filled with different colored whole foods. This is because different colored foods contain different...

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Avocado, Banana and More Smoothie Recipe

This is a yummy creamy avocado smoothie recipe. Ingredients: 1 Banana 2 Tbsp Beets 3 Tbsp Pineapple 3 Tbsp Papaya 1 Avocado 4 Tbsp Watermelon Directions: Blend and enjoy this great smoothie. Nutrition Info:...

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Strawberry Smoothie Recipe With A Twist

Get ready for a ton of vitamins from this fruit filled smoothie. Ingredients: 1 Cup Milk – Whole 4 Tbsp Blueberries 8 Tbsp Raspberries 4 Cup Strawberries 4 Tbsp Watermelon Directions: Blend and enjoy...