2000+ Calorie Smoothie Recipe!

strong rhino

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53 Responses

  1. Marcus says:

    Thank you for the guide, easy to read and informative :)

  2. Christina says:


  3. Jill says:

    So excited to try this, looking forward to the gain!

  4. Sourabh says:

    What is the right time to take this ?

    • Smoothie Gains says:

      2000 calories is a lot. I would drink it after a workout or at a time when I knew I was not going to be eating anything else for a while.

      • Benzo says:

        I checked the nutrition facts, and it doesn’t seem to add up to 2000, more like 1200 kcal. Given, that’s still a lot and probably enough, but what should I add to get mroe calories without it being disgusting?

  5. Cheyenne says:

    What if I don’t have olive oil on hand? (I know its a kitchen crime for me to not have it on hand lol)

  6. John says:

    Can you add as much ice as you want?

    • Smoothie Gains says:

      Sure, ice is just water, which doesn’t have any calories, so it wont affect the nutrition of the smoothie at all.

  7. Toyin says:

    Please can I drink it in the night?

  8. Shin says:

    Is there anything I can swipe ice cream with because of the amount of sugar that’s in it.

  9. Arpit says:

    3 days ago i join gym . my weight is about 47KG (Yeah I know its very low) age 19 so this shake help me to increase weight and muscle . can i drink this shake daily . is there any side effect ???

  10. Toyin says:

    Thanks so much,the smoothie is really working for me,just started last week and have been seeing the different especially my booty with the little help of squat….but my fear now is my tommy,it’s coming out,is there anything I can do to the tommy to keep it flat or am I not doing the smoothie right?

    • Smoothie Gains says:

      You will get a bit of a tummy when gaining weight. Generally what you will want to do is bulk, where you gain a bit more weight than needed and then cut where you cut the weight but continue to work out so that your muscle stays but the fat leaves.

      The other option is to lower your calories and do a slower lean-bulk.

  11. Bolala says:

    Hi, when u say a cup of ice cream and milk how much do you mean?

  12. Mart En says:

    Can I add another tbsp of Olive Oil instead of Oats? They’re kinda disgusting for me.

  13. Alex says:

    Hey, I’m allergic to dairy (so no ice-cream), any suggestions as to what I could substitute the cream with? Thanks, great recipe btw!

  14. TOYIN says:

    Thanks so much,am really adding weight,my booty and hips are really growing fast with the help of squat,hips extension,lunges and bridges,but my question is that can I stop the smoothie once I reach my target?

  15. kev says:

    what can you replace in the smoothie instead of peanut butter could you put almonds nuts and could you also put in raw eggs.. 2

  16. Jon says:

    Can greek yogurt be substituted for the ice cream to reduce the amount of sugar?

  17. Rose says:

    I know it says two scoops of protien but exactly how much? Because a lot of protien powders come with different size scoops and what protien powders do you suggest?

  18. Ian says:

    What kind of Milk is Recomended?

  19. Carlos says:

    Is there a food substitute to the powder (that you can buy in the grocery store)?

  20. Jake says:

    I believe it should be 2 cups of icecream according to the chart? 1/2 cup has 2 grams of protein so 2 cups for total of 8 grams.

  21. Michael Clark says:

    Is it safe to drink more than one time per day?

  22. Meno says:

    This is for one person right?

    • Jacob says:

      The recipe makes quite a bit of smoothie! I cut the recipe in half the first time I made it, because it was clearly not going to fit in my small 24oz blender – I was able to add a little more milk and peanut butter at the end. The ingredients add up to around 40oz by my count… But yes, it’s meant for one person

  23. Aaron says:

    Everyone asking questions regarding the ingredients list, there’s no set ingredient, the flavors just work well with eachother, if you wanna change it up a bit then you can.

  24. Skinny Moustiiz says:

    I suffer from low weight, since i was a kid, and i’ve tried almost everything i read on internet, (diets, recipes, meds…) but none worked. Now i am only 49kg (age 25), do you think this shake could really help me ??!

  25. JWest says:

    How often should I drink this smoothie to start seeing results?
    After I reach my target weight how would I maintain the weight without having to continue this smoothie?

  26. tracy says:

    got to try this, due to a gastric problem and my working hours this might just help gain the weight, then figure how many i need to maintain it

  27. Robin says:

    Is there a substitute for the whey?

  28. Justin says:

    any subsitute for bananas? And how many grams if so

  29. Terrell H Rhodes says:

    How much does this make i wanna make enough for the week on my day off so i can just grab and drink

  30. J says:

    why is there a picture of a rhino

  31. Xyz says:

    Will this help if I drink this shake half as pre-workout and half as post-workout.

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